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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mothers Day Quotes

           Happy Mothers Day Quotes

  • Mother – that one word that cannot be defined the role of a mother, that one word that embodies all the love a human being could possibly offer.

Mother's day quotes and posts

  • A mother is not just a human who gave birth to a child. If you ask me, a mother represents the combination of feelings and responsibillities,sacrifices that occur while raising a child, whether the child is biologically hers or not.

  • She is the only woman in the world that will constantly forgive your lies,your bad activity no matter how big they are. She will still give you that warm smile and treat with you like she has honey in her mouth just minutes after you misbehaved and made her angry as hell.

  • I think mother is the second face of God.I know i say very big words but If God cannot see us in pain mother also cannot see us in pain.For example her son is a big criminal in world but for mother he is a child and she also treat with him like his childhood.

  • I think  as a human being if we cannot care our parents in thier old ages.we are not a human we cannot say our self a better responsible citizen.

  • A mom will endure the pain caused when you reject her and her kisses and also her sacrifices  because you’re too cool to be seen with her when you meet your friends and your wife. She will be the only one supporting and lifting your spirit up whenever you’re feeling down and lose.
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  • Mothers leave all their personal needs behind so their children can have everything they need.I see my mom love when there is 4 apple and 5 family member hungry and suddenly my mom says i don't like apple. 

Happy Mother's day

  • They will not sleep or eat until you come home and they know you’re safe and sound. Mothers will protect their children with the price of their own lives.they reject all life calm.

  • A mother will do all these things with unconditional love, without money and she won’t stop just because you’re 60 years old and live in another country.You not miss your mom in other country but your mom pray for you all time.I think If we write all years about mother so these are less than a day when my mom smile.

  • Here’s our collection of  Mother's Day Quotes and Mothers Day Poems remind you just how lucky you are to still be 

  • Let's do it with you, I'll find the grief
  • Owash today you mother find me

  • Returning to my childhood, love me again
  • Prepare for sending school
  • If I contend, love me to love
  • Make a house chamber, make a new spring

  • Now I'm looking for you everywhere
  • Owash today you mother find me

  • I did not know what was happening
  • I'm missing from the cool shades
  • Once again I cry for you.

Happy Mother's day

  • In Islam the heaven is the under feet of our mother.
  • Our mothers give us all happiness in our life so why we can not give her happiness in her old age.
  • So in this Mother's Day we need to promise that we will never hurt our parents.

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